Otcober 3-4 - His first outing went GREAT and met expectations! Once I get his stats or numbers I will post them so everyone can see his progress. I do know he went 9/11 over the weekend and struck out 4 in two innings. Along with this, he made a diving catch in the outfield. He has it all! It was tight getting him there but we did it so thanks! Coaches are thrilled with Michael's contributions to the team and fits in perfect with the team. The attention Michael is getting is absolutely fantastic. Easy to become a Michael Gill fan!

Otcober 19-22 - Over the weekend, Michael went 5/9 at bat, 3 stolen bases 2 rbi's and won the first game 8-0 and the next game that day he got the save closing out the game with 2K's and and out to win the game at 2-0. The next game on Saturday did not turn out so good. Michael had beat out some hits to first and stretched a muscle on one of the runs and their team lost 5-7. Heartbreaking BUT a great experience for Michael and the appearance from "Pudge" Rodriguez at the tournament was awesome. Thanks to EVERYONE that helped to get him there!