October 3-4, 2009
4 game tournament with pro and college scouts in North Carolina. Donations of time and money made by Charlie Gill, Christina Cole and Tony Gill. This was a VERY fast turn for us to reach the goal but when we worked together we got Michael there. The pressure was on with obligations of Michael needing to be there with many people wanting to see him play(www.canesbaseball.net). He DID NOT let anyone down. Michael went 9/11 at bat and struck 4 out in two innings and winning the game he pitched and game was called by a "mercy run rule" 12-1. Michael was received with great hospitality by his new teammates/coaches and there was no place he would rather be!

Total monitary donations were $355 cash and $310 Southwest Air voucher: $665

October 8-12, 2009
Michael will need to leave Thursday the 8th and return Monday the 12th. Tony Gill, Michael's father, will drive them down to Fort Myers, FL. Again, things are coming fast and he needs to be there so any donations to help with gas and a room for his father is GREATLY appreciated. I would like to set a goal of $600 to help for gas/room/food. They will leave Thursday so Michael can be there for a Friday morning start. I will update this as we get donations and list who did what and how much. This way EVERYONE is included on his success and how he is doing every step of the way. Thanks everyone in advance.

Contributors: Terri Carlew, Christina Cole, Charlie Gill, Scott Rackley - $500 THANK YOU!

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October 22-25, 2009
Michael and his Father have one way tickets already up there, we just need to get them back. They will be going to West Palm Beach, FL. We will take anything to get them both back. So half of our goal is met by Tony Gill Southwest rewards ticket for him and one for Michael. Our goal for this is around $600 but once we find the cheapest tickets or best deals I will update this goal. We have many of you wanting to donate so I am building this site as fast as I can and trying to set up a way to keep this going. So click on the link below to find out how to contribute. I will keep updating as contributions come in. Thanks again for everyone's help on getting Michael to these games. He is truly a gifted athlete and he will go pro and please give me all your contact info along with your donation as I am sure Michael is the kind of person that would like to thank everyone. UPDATE: Michael's Dad is flying Michael down and giving his up for a flight back and drive to Florida and take the rest of Michael's family. So the funds now is getting a room for Michael and Christina and I trying to get Tony a room while down there(Michael's family). Of course gas and food.

Contributors: Allison Beck, Diana Gittleman, Mary Anderson - $450 SO FAR!

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