Thanks for inquiring about how to donate to Michael's dream! My name is Charlie Gill, Michael's Uncle, I am so proud and know that Michael has what it takes and just needs the opportunity to put it on display, Very few people get invited to do so. The calls my brother gets about people wanting to meet and see Michael tells me other can see the talent that I have seen since he was a little boy. I am doing everything I can, along with Christina Cole and Michael's Father Tony Gill, to get Michael in front of these scouts. Not to mention, get him on an absolutely fantastic team with GREAT people that can help each other out. We look for anything for donations; cash, gift cards, award flights, award hotel stays, actual purchased tickets, etc. Christina and I will make all of Michaels planning and make sure he gets where he needs to be. The progress of the donations to the GOALS will be listed in amounts and who its from. We want to keep everyone informed as to what their donations are doing and how the contibutions are helping Michael. Again, thanks for your time and donations. Below is our address that you can send on Michael's behalf. I will set up a PayPal Account if anyone prefers to donate by credit card. For cash donations please send a check or money order to:

PayPal email:

Charlie Gill
3804 Stoneway Drive
Plano, TX 75025 - 469-261-3883 for any questions

To wish Michael luck send email to